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a lively soul of a gypsy, with a bit of a wild look to him.


If mean to Kador :

"Anyone who would mistreat a dog has no business with Zoltan."

If don't pay Zoltan for dance :

"Hah! You again! You are no friend to Zoltan."

"I dance for you, and how do you repay me?"

"Perhaps a few coins might ease the sting of your insult."

Do you give him any money?

no-"So be it. Leave me before I place a gypsy curse on you!"

Initial visit :

"Huzzah! I am Zoltan, king of the gypsies!"

Subsequent visits :

"Huzzah! I am still Zoltan, king of the gypsies!"

name,job :

"As I said, I am Zoltan, king of the gypsies!"

zolt :

"Yes, Zoltan, king of the gypsies!"

king :

"I have no lands nor castles, as most rulers do. Nay, for I am the king of the open road."

artu :

"Arturos? Never heard of him."

duck :

He licks his lips and smiles. "A duck? No, haven't seen any around here."

land,cast :

"You cannot tie a gypsy down to a single place."

"We are free spirits, and must roam like the wind throughout the land."

road :

"The roads wander everywhere, just like a gypsy!"

wind :

"The four winds - they are gypsies too!"

roam,wand :

"As a gypsy's body wanders, so does his mind."

"Just now I am thinking of what you might buy from me today."

free,spir :

"Aye, my spirit is free, but my advice is not."

gyps :

"Ask my people for advice, or what they have to sell."

"Gypsies see and hear much, and occasionally happen across items of interest..."

advi :

"Tell you what. Since I'm in a good mood, I'll only charge you two gold coins. Is it a deal?"

no-"Whatever you say."

yes, not enough gold-"Come back when you're not so down on your luck."

yes, enough gold-"I'll tell you this:"

"Powder kegs are useful for persuading uncooperative doors to open."

silv,tabl :

"I'd be glad to help you out. But 'tis a hard life, sometimes, being a gypsy."

"You'd be willing to pay ten gold for the information, would you?"

no-"Let me know if you change your mind."

yes, no gold-"Come back when you have the money."

yes, have gold-"Some gorgio called 'Captain John' brought us the silver tablet and paid us to take it to the Lycaeum."

"While we were on the way there, we were ambushed by Captain Hawkins and his crew."

The tablet was broken in two during the scuffle. The pirates got away with the bigger half."

"Hawkins took my finest earring as well - I spit on his mother's grave!"

"Most likely they went to Buccaneer's Den with their loot."

"We took the corner of the tablet that they missed to the Lycaeum and sold it to Mariah."

hawk :

"He's the lowest scum I ever met."

bucc,den :

"It's no place for an honest soul like you."

"But if you're determined to go, I hear it's on an island due east of Paws."

paws :

"We pass Paws often in our travels. Taynith likes to go drinking there."

lyca :

"It's on the same island as Moonglow."

moon :

"It's on the same island as the Lycaeum."

mari :

"She knows how to be generous to poor wandering gypsies. You should follow her example!"

capt,john :

"Captain John? I talked to him when he gave us the silver tablet for Mariah."

"He's madder than a gremlin! Claims as he's been living with the gargoyles."

"He talks as if there's nothing evil about them."

"He said the tablet had something to do with translating."

gorg :

"Either you're a gorgio or my name's not Zoltan!"

kari,tayn :

"There are no women like gypsy women!"

bye :

If asked to dance :

"Farewell! My fellow gypsies and I will dance to your health and good fortune!"

-or- :


danc :

Karina produces a fiddle from somewhere and begins to play a tune at a very high tempo.

Zoltan dances a wild dance for you, leaping and capering about frantically.

His chest glistens with sweat as he walks up to you expectantly.

Do you give him any money?

no-"Hah! I should know better than to expect a gorgio to appreciate a fine gypsy dance."

Proudly, he turns his back on you.

yes-How much do you give?

If not enough gold :

You don't have that much.

If have eenough gold :

Zoltan pockets the money. "Thanks."

fine,magi,sale,sell,buy,good,item,inte,reag :

"Which of you?"

"Which of these?"

"<Item Name> costs # per portion."

"How many do you want?"

If enough gold-<NPC Name> hands <Character Name> the <Item Name>

If can't carry enough-"You can't carry that much!"

"I'll just give you #."

If can't carry any-"You can't carry any!"

If not enough gold-"You can't afford that much!"

"I'll give you #."

If not enough gold for one-"You can't afford any $1!"

other :

"Why worry yourself with that?"