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a man with a serpent-and-heart tabard covering his chainmail.


Subsequent visits :


Initial visit :

"I welcome thee to Jhelom."

"I am Zellivan, and I am lord here."

"Pray tell me thy name."

Give true name :

"Ah, the Avatar! Lord British has spoken fondly of thee, <Gender>."

Give wrong name :

"Please feel at home in this town."

name :

"Thou mayst call me Zellivan."

job :

"The valorous are often boisterous. I watch over the fighters."

rune :

"I held a tournament, to decide who would be entrusted with the rune's care."

"You might say that 'no man' was the victor..." He smiles.

mant :

"Hear it for thyself at the Sword and Keg Pub, <Gender>."

"The songs and tales do the heart good, I say!"

tour,vict,no,man,noma :

"Ask him yourself!"

song,tale,figh :

"Those who live the warriors' life like to sing, and to regale one another with fanciful accounts of their exploits."

valo,vict :

"Here in Jhelom we delight in the clash of arms and the din of battle."

arms,armo :

"Speak to Nomaan if thou hast need of arms."

swor,keg,pub :

"If thou hast tales of swordsmanship, then the Sword and Keg is the place for thee."

"'Tis on the north side of town."

batt :

"Ah, battle!" he sighs.

For a time he reminisces with you, trading stories about past exploits.

eart,quak :

"Only an earthquake could make Jhelom tremble, I daresay."

"We had one just last year."

"The piers were broken up, but the shipwrights repaired them swiftly."

pier,ship,harb :

"The shipwrights of Jhelom are fastidious and frugal craftsmen."

lord,brit :

"I grew up near Castle Britannia."

"'Twas the sunset o'er Brittany Bay and the ships at rest in the harbor which drew me away to the sea."

bye :

"Farewell, my friend."

other :

"I cannot help thee with that."