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a strong looking man with just one arm.


"Hello," he shouts, waving.

If met Zeke :

"You've met Zeke before, 'aven't ya?" he says, glaring at you.

"What d'ya need?"

name :

"Zeke the one-armed beekeep, it is."

zeke :

"Lost me arm and gained that name in battle." He flashes a yellowed grin at you.

batt :

"'Twas a horrid affair, but Mondain had to be thwarted."

mond :

"You must be new here." He looks to the ground.

"He brought an age of great evil unto our land."

"Yet try and tell today's children of the age of darkness..."

"They believe nothing can go wrong, as long as the Avatar lives."

buy,hone :

"Which of you?"

"It'll cost you 10 gold for the 'oney, interested?"

yes, but full-"You look pretty full to me."

yes-"Excellent!" After accepting <Character Name>'s gold, <NPC Name.. hands over the honey.

yes, but not enough gold-<NPC Name> looks at <Character Name>. "You ain't that good-looking. My price is 10 gold."

Purchase successful :

"Enjoy your 'oney."

no-"You'll find none better."

sell :

If no bottles :

"Sorry, none of you has anything I need."

If have bottles :

"Which of you?"

<NPC Name> turns to <Character Name>, and says "Will you take 7 gold for that honey jar?"

yes-"Done!" He hands <Character Name> 7 gold pieces and takes the honey jar.

yes, but no jars-"Sorry, you 'aven't any 'oney jars."

no-"Changed your mind, eh?" he folds his arms.

bee :

"Bees are true friends. They work all day, making honey and scattering pollen."

"All we have to do is provide them with hives."

He laughs. "And get stung once in a while!"

hive :

"I buys all my hives from a nice lady in Minoc named Michelle."

"She weaves them out of straw."

job :

"I'm the beekeeper here at the abbey."

"If you want to buy honey, or sell me a honey jar I'm all ears (if only one-armed)."

bye :

"Have a nice

other :

He scratches his head and looks around.