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a sunken-faced, starving man, dressed in rags.


subsequent visits :

"Thou art back!"

"Please, please! Give me some food!"

initial visit :

It takes a few moments for the man to notice you.


"Please, you must help me!" he says weakly.

"I need food, badly!"

name :

"Ybarra. Ybarra's my name."

job :

"Lost here, no job now."

"I used to sail under Captain Hawkins on the Empire."

"We had food then!"

"But those days are gone...."

food :

"Yes, food! The last thing I ate was my belt."

"And that was three weeks ago."

"If only you could give me some food..."

belt :

"Not very tasty, but it was filling."

give,spar :

If have food :

"Thunff fou," Ybarra says, stuffing the food into his mouth.

"After finishing the offered meal, however, Ybarra still seemes starved."

If don't have food :

"Suddenly, you realize that you have no food to give him!

"No food?" he asks. "Then thou art doomed too!"

map,piec :

"Map? Map. Map."

If have map :

"You already got it from me."

If don't have map :

"Oh, the map. Yes, I still have that."

"I couldn't eat it."

"It ought to be worth some food, surely?"

yes-"He hands you the map piece and rubs his hands, eagerly awaiting his food."

no-"You must! I'll die! Just a little bit of food for the map?" "His last shred of hope torn away from him, the withered man leaps at you, screaming "Food! Food!"

join :

Leave here? No!"

"I've almost gotten the tunnels figured out!"

"Just a few more days and I'll be free!"

"But I must have food!"

bye :

"Don't go! I need food... food..."

"Can I have a little before you go?"

no-"The man collapses, the last of his energy gone."

other :