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a wise, scholarly woman.



buy,reag :

If shop closed :

"My shop is closed right now."

Shop open :

"Which of you?"

"Which of these?"

<Reagent Name> costs # per portion."

"How many dost thou want?"

Rudyom hands <Character Name> the <Item Name>.

Inventory sort of full :

"Thou cannot carry that much!"

"I'll give thee #; thou dost not need the rest."

Inventory full :

"Thou cannot carry any <Item Name>!"

Short on gold :

"Thou cannot afford that much!"

"I'll give thee #; thou cannot have the rest."

No gold :

"Thou cannot afford any <Item Name>!"

lear,spel :

Buying spell without spellbook :

"But thou hast not a spellbook!"

Buying spell and no group member has spellbook :

"But none of you has a spellbook!"

If have spellbook :

"Which of you?"

"In which Circle does <Character Name> wish to study?"

If don't answer 1 - 8 :

"As everybody knows, there are only eight circles."

If no spell in that circle :

"I have no spells of that circle."

If character can't cast spell level :

"I sense that <Character Name> is only ready for the # Circle."

"But such matters are not my concern..."

"Perhaps <Character Name> is not ready for this circle."

"That spell costs # gold. Interested?"

yes-Rudyom hands <Character Name> a piece of rune-covered parchment.

yes, no gold-<Character Name> lacks the # gold required."

book :

If not in shop :

"My shop is closed right now."

If shop open :

"Which of you?"

If inventory full :

"But thou cannot carry a spellbook!"

Buying spellbook :

"A spellbook costs 60 gold pieces. Interested?"

no-"Perhaps one of thy friends then."

ye, no gold-"But thou cannot afford a spellbook!"

name :

"I am Xiao."

job :

"I serve on the Council of Wizards."

"I also teach spells and sell magical reagents."

secr,wisp :

"Their secret is far more powerful than anything I might teach thee."

powe :

"Truly, it would be terrible if the wrong person were to learn it."

"Only we of the Council of Wizards know the secret."

"But, since thou art the Avatar, surely it is safe for thee to learn it as well."

avat :

"Your example inspires us all."

serv,coun,wiza :

"'Tis our task to keep the forces of magic in balance throughout the land."

"We also do what we can to promote the eight virtues."

prom,virt :

"We created the shrines, many years ago."

shri :

"Thariand can tell thee more."

thar :

"He is the librarian at the Lycaeum."

libr,lyca :

"Surely you know where the Lycaeum is."

forc,magi,bala :

"Not an easy task."

bye :

"Thou art always welcome here, Avatar."

other :