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an old farmer who looks to have has made his peace with life.


"Howdy, stranger."

name :

"M'name is William."

job :

"I'm a farmer."

rune :

"Ask Antonio."

anto :

"The lord of New Magincia."

new,magi :

"That's where ya are now."

humi,humb,farm :

"Working the earth is the lowest form 'o labor."

"But it provides food for them as writes books, plays music, and other such things."

"Surely 'tis a humble living, to devote yer life to farmin'."

"It's about all I do with meself, 'cept when I find time for carvin' hippos."

carv,hipp :

"I'll show ya one."

The old man gets a fiendish gleam in his eyes as he reaches into his pouch and takes out a small wooden hippo.

"Aint she purty?"

"If I don't make the purtiest gol' danged hippos you ever did see, you can call me Mortimer."

mort :

"He's a mighty foolish fellow."

bye :

"See ya."

other :

"Can't help you there."