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a balding but distinguished man.


If know identity :

Recognizing you, fear fills the former pirate's eyes.

"What do you want? I thought we had a deal!"

Subsequent visits :

"Welcome back, Avatar!"

Initial visit :

"Welcome, Avatar!"

name :

"I am Lord Whitsaber, mayor of this honorable town!"

job :

"I am entrusted with an honor above all others-that of governing Trinsic, the Town of Honor!"

trin,town,hono :

"Every citizen of this fine town strives every day to be a living example of honor."

"Of course, thy own example guides us all, Avatar!"

map,ship,hawk,capt,home :

If have map :

"I gave you the map. What more do you want?"

If don't have map :

"All right! If thou wouldst but promise to keep my secret, I'll give thee the map!"


yes-"Oh, thank you, Avatar."

He hands over his piece of the map.

"I'll rely on thy honor to keep my secret."

no-But what more can I do? I cannot change the past!"

"By giving you the map, do I not prove that I have changed my ways?"

"No pirate would willingly give up the key to such a treasure!"

If don't know identity :

"What are you insinuating?"

pira :

"Me, a pirate? Absurd!"

He laughs out loud...but you sense a trace of fear in his voice!

sand,alas,gord,firs,mate :

"Wh--what did Sandy tell you?"

"Did he say I was once a pirate?"

yes-"Then all is lost!"

"Have pity, Avatar, and keep my secret!"

"I have changed since those dark days, truly I have!"

no-He seems strangely relieved. "Oh. Well, good, because it isn't true!"

rune :

"The Rune of Honor? Why, it is on a pedestal in the center of town!"

"Even though the rune is our most prized possession, we do not guard it!"

"And dost thou know why not?"

yes-"Oh." He seems disappointed somehow.

no-"Because Trinsic is the Town of Honor!"

"None here would be dishonorable enough to steal it."

"And surely, if any took the rune, they would do the honorable thing and return it afterwards!"

mant :

"The Mantra of Honor? Let me think..."

"Oh yes, I remember now. It's 'summ.'"

bye :

If know identity :

"Goodbye, Avatar! Thou hast my thanks!"

"Truly are thy compassion and honor an example to us all!"

If don't know identity :


other :

"I beg thy pardon, Avatar?"