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a young, nervous-looking gargoyle.


Learned Gargish, not submitted :

"The False Prophet!" the gargoyle screams. "Guards! Guards!"

Not learned Gargish, not submitted :

"An-bal-sil-fer!" the gargoyle screams. "Agra-lem! Agra-Lem!"

Suddenly realizing that he is holding a weapon, the gargoyle attacks!

Learned Gargish, submitted :

Subsequent visits :

"To ask how I can help you, noble one."

Initial visit :

"The False Prophet!"

"To thank you for your upcoming sacrifice."

"To greatly respect your nobility and courage."

buy,sell :

"To not understand what that means."

"To create these items for the use of all."

all :

"To give these wares to any gargoyle who has need of them."

"To invite you to look around at my wares as well."

"To ask if any of them interest you?"

ware :

"To have but a few items available."

"To be far less adept than my former master."

boom :

If already given boomerang :

"To wish I had more boomerangs, that I might give you another."

If not at shop :

"To ask you to see me at my shop!"

If at shop, not have boomerang :

"Ah, to see you admire these boomerangs, the work of my master."

"To regret being unable to create boomerangs myself."

"To have only a few left in stock, but to offer you one."

Do you accept the gift?

yes, but already given boomerang-The gargoyle nods. "Yes, to see that you already have enough weapons."

yes, if Shamino in party-As you take the boomerang, Shamino speaks.

"Aye, 'tis a most interesting weapon, <Name>."

"Perhaps when our quest is through I can study its use."

yes, if Shamino not in party :

The gargoyle hands you a boomerang.

no-The gargoyle speaks. "To ask if anything else interests you?"

zu,ylem :

If already give zu ylem dust :

"To regret that I have such a small supply of zu ylem dust."

If not at shop :

"To ask that you see me at my shop!"

If never given dust :

"Yes, to be a very interesting weapon."

"To knock out even a large animal with just a single pouch of this powder!"

"To be used most often by hunters, to avoid harming the meat."

"Unfortunately, to make this powder from plants that can no longer be found."

"Here, to offer you one."

Do you accept the gift?

yes-He hands you a small pouch. "To hope you find it useful."

no-The gargoyle nods. "To understand your reluctance."

"To know the dangers of zu ylem dust to the untrained user."

good :

"To consider him a discredit to the race!"

"Most of all, to consider him a dishonor to my late master!"

dish :

To cheapen all our loss, all our grief, by his self-pity."

"To have lost my master, like a father to me."

"Yet to maintain control, to maintain diligence."

"Most of all to maintain passion for life."

"To feel that the goodscrafter dishonors us all by abandoning our principles."

"To feel that the goodscrafter needs a trip to the catacombs."

cata :

"Yes, to have visited them myself once, long ago."

"To find there shrines to our three principles: control, passion and diligence."

"To speak with these shrines and meditate, to receive new insight."

"To not remember where the catacombs are."

"To be sent there by the Temple of Singularity."

temp,sing :

"To find that to the north, in the mountains."

"To advise you to find some way to fly if you wish to get there, though!"

fly :

"To be unable to reach the Temple on foot; to be forced to fly over the mountains."

snak,veno,silv :

"To be a powerful but dangerous drug!"

"To turn gargoyle warriors into unstoppable fighters!"

"But to always be fatal after the battle ends."

"To be created by the snake charmer, who lives to the southwest."

char :

"Yes, to suggest you visit him if you are interested."

"To find the snake-summoning horn a most impressive sight!"

plan :

"To create the zu ylem dust from plants that can no longer be found."

"But to know of far worse effects of the disasters."

armo,helm,belt :

"To see little of interest in that item."

bye :

"May your long work and strength lead to success!"

name :

"To be but a simple weaponsmith, False Prophet."

"To lack a name, as is appropriate for my station."

disa :

"Yes, surely to know of the disasters?"

"To have only barely survived the earthquakes after the Codex disappeared."

job,weap,mast,work :

"To be the master weaponsmith now, although to have but recently been a simple apprentice."

appr :

"To greatly regret the loss of my master, killed during the disasters."

"But to carry on in the face of adversity."

"And certainly not to lose all passion for life, like the worthless goodscrafter!"

join :

"To wish I could leave on adventures..."

"But to be dedicated to my important work."

other :

"To know nothing of <Last Input>, being but a simple weaponsmith."