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a gypsy wench with a voluptuous figure.


If female :

"Hello, wench. How goes it?"

If male :

"Well, hello handsome! Looking for a little... relaxation?"

yes-"Well this is the place!"

no-"Ha! You must be afraid of what your mother might think."

name :

"They call me '@Wicked Wanda,' <Character Name>"

wick,wand :

"If we can find someplace private, I'll gladly show you how I got my nickname..."


"Hmm, sounds like I've piqued your interest..."

"Why madam/sirrah, are you trying to insinuate something?"

She breaks into a fit of giggles.

sex,screw,boff,suck,head,lay,roll,hay,kink,make :

If already had sex :

"Again, so soon? Nay, come back later, when I've had a little time to rest."

If female :

"I don't get many lady customers... but why not? You're sure this is what you want?

male/female :

"I've a cot in my wagon... 15 gold's the price--and I don't haggle! Interested, <Character Name>?"

If in party :

<Character Name> speaks. "I don't think we have time for this..."

If solo :

A voice in the back of your head asks, "Do you really have time for this?"

"Come on, <Character Name>. Cross my palm with 15 gold and I'll show you a good time. Okay?"

no-"Fine! Come back when you get permission from your mother!"

yes, but no gold-"Hey, I don't give credit! No pay, no play, capish?"

yes-Taking you by the hand, the gyspy wench leads you off to her wagon.

After a time, you return to your comrades.

If in party :

"That's a fine way to be carrying on when all of Britannia is in danger!"

"When our quest is complete, then there will be time enough for wenching!"

"Nothing's wrong with a little fun. There's plenty of time... as long as there's plenty of gold!"

If solo :

You try to ignore the nagging voice in the back of your mind that keeps saying, "You shouldn't have wasted time like that."

map :

We don't have... Oh, wait, there was something!"

"Arturos, he, uh, found a map last time we were up at Empath Abbey."

artu :

"He'll tell your fortune for you, Character Name>. Just ask him!"

fort :

"That's right."

empa,abbe :

"I don't care much for them. They're all too stuck up."

silv,tabl :

"Andreas has a silver tablet you could ask him about."

"But I have something much sweeter for sale..."

andr :

If female :

"He could show you a real good time, honey!"

If male :

"He's in the same line of work as I am--but I think I'm more your type!"

late,time,rest :

"'Tis tiring work, you know."

bye :

If had sex :

"'Twas a business doing pleasure with you... I hope you come again soon!"

If female, no sex :

"See you around... And if you meet anyone tall, dark and handsome, send 'em my way!"

If male, no sex :

"If you ever decide you need a break from adventuring, come find me again."

other :

"Why concern yourself with that, <Character Name>?"

"Surely you can think of something more pleasant..."