Van Kellian

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Van Kellian


a man dressed in velvets and silks of yellow, green and blue.


His voice is rich and mellow.

Brawling :

He glances behind him and ducks, as if expecting someone to throw something at him.

"Bit of a brawl going on just now. Be glad to talk to you some other time."

Not brawling :

"How do you do. I am the bard Van Kellian."

"Please, speak your name, <Gender>."

"A pleasure, to be sure, <Last Input>."

Subsequent visits :

"A very good

name :

"Call me Van."

job :

"Why, singing is my trade."

"Songs to soothe the soul and refresh the mind."

"Shall I sing for ye?"

If Iolo in party :

Iolo rolls his eyes and whispers to you.

"He believes he does us a favor. This I must hear."

"Well? How about a song?"

no-"Well, perhaps another time, then."

yes-The bard plays a harp and sings.

"Tho' she disdains to speak to me

Ah how I pine and sigh for her

I would that I were handsome

Sing ho eyo he hum!"

sing,song :

"'Tis such a topsy-turvy world When my sweet lady-love whirls by

I would that I could catch her eye

Sing ho eyo he hum!"

mant :

"Did ye know that the mantra of pride is 'mul?' A beggar told me that."

prid,begg,mul :

"There is little enough dignity in the life of a beggar."

"I gave him a few coins, of course."

stel,star :

"Starhelm and I have often debated the nature of the gargoyle Sin 'Vraal."

sin,vraa,'vra :

"If Lord British suffers him to live, then I will not harm him."

"What possible threat could one gargoyle living alone in the Dry Lands be?"

Stelnar says "I'll tell ye, Van."

"If ye let one gargoyle live, then ye'll be tempted to spare trolls, and then even cyclopses."

"And then ye forget valour, and soon ye are overrun by monsters!"

valo,comp :

"Valour comes from the courage to be virtuous."

"Just as compassion comes from a love of all mankind."

"Aha! That means monsters are not deserving of mercy!" says Stelnar

"Courage grows. Why not love?"

garg :

"Well, I hear their skin is stony and rough."

"Their cries are fierce yowlings to make the blood run cold with fear."

"Though, mind ye, I myself have never faced one in combat."

bye :

"Good <Time of Day>, and farewell."

other :

"Hmm. No, I cannot help ye with that."