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a tall, thin, winged gargoyle.


Initial visit :

"Greetings, friend '<Avatar Name>."

"To see you have done the honorable thing."

"To have earned much respect from my people by doing this!"

Subsequent visits :

"To hope your travels have brought you wisdom?"

yes-"To wish to hear about it!"

no-"To regret that, and to wish to aid you."

Initial visit :

"To offer greetings, False Prophet."

"To have waited long for you to return to this side of the world."

"To believe that the Book of Prophecies is wrong."

"To believe that I can reason with you, persuade you to spare my people."

"To wish to address you honorably: To ask your name?"

"Noble '<Given Name>, to see that you are a being of honor and respect."

"To not betray that honor - to return the Codex!"

"To save my people from the prophecy!"

name :

"To be called Valkadesh Wis-lem, Valkadesh the Scholar."

"To have been given a partial name. To have yet to achieve full honor."

job :

"To be a Scholar. To be seeking a way to avert the prophecy."

part,full,hono :

"To be greatly honored by even a partial name."

"To be customary among my people to give names only to those most worthy."

prop :

"To be written in the Book of Prophecies that you would destroy our world."

"To also be written that only the sacrifice of the False Prophet would save us."

code :

"To believe that it is not too late."

"To beg you to return the Codex."

"Avert the prophecy! Save your life, and my people's lives as well!"

sacr :

"To be the only alternative to returning the Codex."

"Without the Codex, to have no choice but to sacrifice your life!"

choi :

"Wait! To know that sacrifice has three meanings: of self, of others and of valuables."

"Perhaps to find a better answer in one of those other meanings."

find,answ :

"To be unable to help more."

"To suggest you seek out Naxatilor himself for further enlightenment."

naxa,seer :

"To learn much from Naxatilor, the wisest gargoyle."

"To find his chambers just to the northeast of the Hall of Knowledge."

"To suggest you go there and ask him of sacrifice."

drax,lead,inqu :

"To go to Draxinusom, the Inquisitor and leader of my race."

"To find his chambers just to the northwest of the Hall of Knowledge."

"To surrender to him, that you may travel freely in our land."

free :

"To know that the moons are not properly aligned yet for the ritual."

"To assure you that you will not be sacrificed for many weeks."

"To assure you further that surrender is the only way you can travel among my people."

surr :

If surrendered :

"To have done the honorable thing and now be respected and unfeared by my people."

If not surrendered :

"To travel to the Inquisitor."

"To tell the Inquisitor that you surrender."

"Then to be no longer a threat, and no longer be feared."

bye :

If surrendered :

"May your precision and persistence lead to success!"

If not surrendered :

As you turn to leave, the gargoyle stops you.

"Wait," he calls. "To be feared and hated by all gargoyles."

"To be unsafe for you right now, False Prophet."

"To surrender is only answer."

"To surrender to Inquisitor."

"Then to be no longer a threat, and then not to be feared by my people!"

"To surrender to the Inquisitor, and then to be free to look for the solution."

other :

"To be confused by your accent."

"To ask what <Last Input> means?"

If not learned Gargish :

"I human friend. Walk talk you."

frie :

"Captain John gargoyle friend. Captain John speak."

capt,john :

"Must Captain John go. Only he speak. Must go!"

other :

"In a thick accent, the gargoyle croaks, "I bad with human language."

"With Captain John must to speak."

bye :

"Want much to talk."

"Captain John speak; Captain John go!"