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a huge, dark-skined man with a close-set face.


Subsequent visits :

"Ombogo sano!" he says, smiling widely.

Initial visit :

"Ombogo dono," he grunts at you from behind a large forge.

buy :

I have many things here. You want arms or armor?"

arms,armo :

Shop closed :

"Come to my shop when I'm open!"

Shop open :

"Which of you?"

No character selected :

"What else?"

"Which item?"

No item selected :

"What else?"

Item selected :

"Sell <Item Name> for # gold."

"Okay, <Character Name>?"

yes, no room-"<Item Name> is too heavy for you, <Character Name>!"

yes-After accepting <Character Name>'s gold, <NPC Name> hands over the <Item Name>.

yes, no gold-"<Item Name> cost too much for you, <Character Name>!"

sell :

Shop closed :

"Come to my shop when I'm open!"

Shop open :

Have no items :

"But you no have thing I want!"

Have items :

"<Character Name> have something I want..."

"Which of you?"

No character selected :

"What else?"

Character selected :

"Which item?"

"I give # gold for that <Item Name>, okay <Character Name>?"

no-"Maybe later."-or-"Maybe something else?"

yes-"Good!" <NPC Name> hands <Character Name> # gold pieces and takes the <Item Name>.

"No more, ah? Okay."

ombo :

"That mean 'hello.'"

dono :

"That mean 'person I don't know.'"

sano :

"That mean 'friend.'"

name :

Subsequent times :

"Utomo remember you, how you not remember Utomo?"

Initial time :

"Utomo, from island."

utom,isla :

"Utomo mean 'island' in my language. I also from island."

"Bring magic fan from island. This town new home for Utomo now."

fan,magi :

"Lady on island make magic fans. They make big wind, blow ships all around."


"Utomo make good weapons. Make one for you if you like."

weap :

"Learn to make as boy. I live on island then."

from,home :

"I come here from many days away. My home burned by evil man."

many,days :

"I not sure where. Got ride on big ship."

big,ship :

"I stow away when night come. After long time we land and I jump off."

burn,evil,man :

He say to me, 'You man, you leave home and kill good people with me.' I ran from him."

kill,good,peop :

"Like people in town. Like Lord British."

Andr :

"Utomo go and drink at her home."

She try kiss Utomo. Utomo say, 'I no want you' but she kiss anyway."

"Utomo not go back there."

kiss :

"Utomo have girl back home."

"She not thin like Andrea."

"Someday Utomo go back and get her."


He plays the poker over the hot coals and looks absently into the fire.

girl,back :

Her name Yuna. She good tree climber. I not see her for long time."

omdu,yaf :

"In my land it mean 'You have good meal in sun.'"

"It is goodbye in my land."

bye :

"Omdu Yaf."

other :

"I speak not too much your language."