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a spidery looking man with delicate hands.



name :

"My name is Troy."

job :

"I make clocks. The movements of the various

parts are very complex and interconnected."

"Like the @moons and stars, or the pieces on a chess board."

cloc,move,part,compl,inte :

"The ticking of clocks is the pulse of civilization."

puls,civi :

"Without clocks, people would just sit around uselessly, with no idea what to do next!"

tick,soun :

"Of course, the ticks would be useless without the tocks."

tock :

"They're much deeper sounding and more satisfying than ticks."

moon,star :

"Ephemerides is going to build a model of the whole system."

"I helped him design the gearwork that makes it go."

mode,syst,desi,gear :

"I know all about gears."

ephe :

"He lives at the Lycaeum."

lyca :

"It's a great center of learning."

lear :

"If you didn't run around asking foolish questions all the time, you might learn something yourself!"

piec,ches,boar :

"I like to play chess. Keeps ones mind fit."

mind :

"Some people don't use theirs - but I do."

bye :

"Until we come into conjunction again."

other :

"The sound of the clocks is so soothing... Excuse me, did you say something?"