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a tall, rather well dressed man with a wilted smile.


"Yes?" he asks, reaching over and removing something invisible from your shoulder.

Subsequent visits :

Recognizing you, his smile flickers a moment. "You have come back. Well?"

name :

Subsequent times :

"You've forgotten? Well, 'Your honor' will do."

Initial time :

He sniffs the air as if smelling something bad.

"I am, of course, Trenton Bell, the mayor."

"You may call me 'Your Honor'."

tren,bell :

"I would appreciate if you would use my title, 'Your Honor'."

titl :

"Yes, I am mayor."

your,hono,mayo :


humb,floc,alar,pier,cave :


mant :

"Well, surely thou canst read, yes?"

read :

"Yes, reading books is good for your spiritual side."

job :

"Job? I do not labor like others."

labo,othe,sail :

"You know: rigging the masts or swabbing the decks."

mast,rig,swab,deck :

"You aren't much of a sailor are you?"

"Yorl and that young Delancy girl can tell you about that."

yorl :

"He works at the pier with the Delancy girl."

dela,marn :

"She has run the pier ever since her father, Quenton, was attacked by a gargoyle."

He coughs then clears his throat.

rune :

"Quenton, not I, was in charge of its safe keeping."

"Just as I suspected, when he died, so too did our chances of finding the rune."

"You see, he never told anyone where it was located."

shri,moon,gate :

"Speak to Horance of that."

"He may be mad, but he is still quick and astute in the ways of magic."

quen,atta :

"We were not friends...not good friends, that is. He resented my position."

posi,rese :

"Yes, well, as mayor, I am the shepherd of the spiritual people of this hamlet."

shep,spir,peop,haml :

"We do not believe in violence as a solution to our problems."

"My flock would not fight against anyone."

"Therefore, I'm alarmed at the recent gargoyle sightings."

garg :

"Huge fierce creatures, they are."

"Quenton didn't even have time to scream before one of those beasts had killed him."

scre :

"Many believe if he had screamed, someone in the inn would have heard him."

inn,some,hear :

"A couple of travelers were staying there that night, but they said they heard nothing."

"Still, I find this strange."

coup,trav :

"I do not know their names."

"'Twas Gideon questioned them, not I."

gide :

"He runs the Haunting Inn."

haun :

"The one the travelers were at. It's across the way." He frowns at you.

stra :

"Yes, you see, my brother is a guard for Lord British."

"A few months ago, a gargoyle attempted to enter the castle proper."

"He said that although they killed the beast, it's horrifying noises still give him nightmares."

nigh,nois,beas :

"He keeps hearing its deep growl."

"I'm sure that even if Quenton couldn't scream, someone would have heard that growl."

deza :

"She is a peaceful woman. Very pleasant to talk to."

hora :

"For the life of me I've never understood a word he's ever said."

"They say he drank one too many potions."

mich :

"He is a very private sort. I've never been to his abode."

"He lives east of here, along the road to Britain."

bye :


other :

"I fail to see how that relates to the matter at hand..."

-or- :

"You will have to ask another of that."