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a man with sea-blue eyes and a warm smile.


Subsequent visits :

"Welcome back, my friend"

Initial visit :

"Welcome, welcome, friend"

"Here for lodging this fine

name :

"Timothy." He flashes a friendly smile and nods.

timo :

"I'm named after my uncle. He was a kind soul."

uncl :

"Sir Timothy Enders Daverstock. He was a famous knight in these parts."

job :

"It is a busy one - this job, that is. I find it rewarding, though, meeting friendly faces."

"Maybe you want a room, eh?"

yes,room,inn,lodg :

"# gold for you to stay and have a meal, good?"

yes, no gold-"I'm sorry, but we require cash in advance for our rooms."

yes, have gold-You sleep in a comfortable bed...

You wake rested and eat a large breakfast.

"Good morning, have a good day."

no-"Perhaps some other time, then."

famo,knig :

"He is perhaps best known for his courage in battle."

cour,batt :

"He once held off a score of men while his own fled to safety across a bridge."

bye :

"Farewell, friend. Travel safely."

other :

"Hmm... Nope, can't help you there."