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a busy looking man wearing a blue robe.


"So many books to keep organized, it's a wonder I have any time for my own studies..."

"Can I help you with something?"

name :

"I am Thariand, of the blue star."

blue,star :

"All the students of Nicodemus bear this sign."

nico :

"He lives southeast of Yew."

yew :

Somebody there should be able to give you directions."

job :

"I'm the librarian."

"I prefer to spend my time studying magic, but I'll help you find some books if you keep it quick."

stud,magi :

"Were I to master all the arcane lore contained within these volumes, I'd be the greatest sorcerer of all time!"

"Of course, finding all the right books is no small task..."


Were you interested in:

A. Fiction

B. Non-fiction

C. Reference

A:Fiction :

In that category I can recommend:

821.34 Rzl4n

The Caverns of Freitag

Klr1734 N92 v3

Around the World in a Washtub

417.8 Baum c6

The Wizard of Oz

B:Non-Fiction :

In that category I can recommend:

Ce 437.2 N19

Mating Rituals of the Northern Plains Centaur

027 z811f

Of Dreams and Visions

718.5 B34 z5

The Lost Art of Ballooning

Y19 T343 LP

Summoning Incubi for Fun and Profit

C:Reference :

In that category I can recommend:

665.556 Dlz

Dilzal's Almanac of Good Advice

a001.3 bfb

Priliwig's Universal Compendium of Knowledge

998.99 ZWX

The Lost Book of Mantras

After getting book list :

"Is there anything else you wanted to find?"

yes-Goto Top

no-"Fine. You should have no trouble finding what you want once you have the call number."

"You do understand how our books are organized, don't you?"

yes-"Good. I have more important things to do than explain it to you."

no-"Well then, I'd suggest you look it up in The Beginner's Guide to the Dewey Decimal System."

"Its call number is T17 0035 r16RL.5 v43."

begi,guid,dewe,deci,syst :

"Oh, I'm sorry, I just remembered. That book was checked out last week. Try coming back for it later."

shri :

"We have a book that tells the history of the shrines. If only I could remember the title..."

bye :

"Remember, any books you take out of here are due back before the next bipolar lunar conjunction!"

other :

You could probably find more information on that topic in Priliwig's Universial Compendium of Knowledge."