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a well dressed woman.


Subsequent visits :

"Welcome again to Serpent's Hold, Avatar!"

Initial visit :

"Ah, <Gender> <Avatar Name>! A sailor from Britain said thou had returned to the land!"

"How glad I am to see that it is true!"

name :

"I'm Tessa. We met during thy last quest, Avatar!"

"Strange that thou didst not recognize me."

"I would have hoped that the past years had not taken that much toll on me!"

job :

"I'm the keeper of the Flame of Courage."

"I also help my husband Simon run this town."

"How fortunate we were to come here after the earthquake!"

husb,simo :

"He is the lord of this hold."

flam,cour :

"You'll find many courageous fighters here!"

eart,toll,year :

"After thy last quest, there were many great earthquakes."

"The island of Bordermarch sank into the sea, along with our keep!"

"Only through great fortune did Simon and I make it off the island alive!"

bye :

"Farewell, Avatar! Be brave in thy quest!"

other :