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a sharply dressed, very voluptuous woman.


At pub :

"I'm eating right now. Come see me at the mint sometime and we can chat."

Initial visit :

"Hello. My name's Terri - I run the mint."

"Say, aren't you the Avatar? Yes, I recognize you from your portrait..."

"My mother used to tell me stories about you when I was a girl."

"You probably wouldn't remember her, but she was at the big celebration right after you recovered the Codex."

"Anyway... I just wanted to tell you that I always

female :

wanted to grow up to be just like you..."

male :

hoped someday I'd meet a man like you..."

Subsequent visits :

"Oh, you've come back to visit me again!"

name :

If female :

"It's Terri... But I wish I had been named after you."

If male :

"Don't you think that would be a good name for an Avatar's wife?"

job :

"By royal decree, I am the only one allowed to mint the official coinage of the realm."

"Copper pence, silver pieces, and gold crowns - they're all made right here."

"My father ran the mint before me. But I get lonely here sometimes..."

"It's so nice of you to come by and talk to me."

"Kytyn will never believe it when I tell her I got to meet the Avatar in person!"

avat :

"You must be the bravest woman/man I've ever met. I can't believe it's really you!"

fath :

"May he rest in peace."

moth :

"May she rest in peace."

copp,penc,silv,piec :

"Of course, I'm sure you only carry gold crowns with you, being as important as you are."

She reaches over and squeezes your shoulder affectionately.

mint,offi,coin,made :

"Here, let me show you." She takes out a sample of each coin for you to look at.

The pence has an ankh on one side, and crossed swords on the other.

The silver piece has Lord British's face on the front, and a serpent on the back.

And the gold crown is a familiar sight, with a crown and the symbol of the Codex.

All three of them look newly minted - they're very shiny.

exch,trad :

"Do you have any gold nuggets you'd like to trade in for crowns?"

no-"Well, if you do later, you know where to find me."

yes, no nuggets-"You must be mistaken. But let me know if you come across any gold nuggets later."

yes-"Normally there's a ten percent tax on the exchange."

"But since you're the Avatar, I'll give you a full hundred crowns for every stone's-weight of gold you have."

She exchanges all of your gold nuggets for newly minted crowns.

gold,nugg,crow :

"Britannia has been so prosperous lately that there's been a lot of demand for gold coinage."

"Of course we have you to thank for bringing us the Codex and saving Lord British."

"I get most of my gold from people who bring in nuggets to exchange them for coins."

"Do you have any gold nuggets you'd like to trade in for crowns?"

code,lord :

"My mother told me all about it."

kyty :

"She's a good friend of mine. She runs the museum."

muse :

"You should visit there sometime. But please stay and talk to me a bit longer first...

bye :

"I know you're very busy, saving Britannia and all that, but I hope you'll come and visit me again...

female :

"It really was delightful talking to you."

male :

"And maybe if you have time for it, I could show you more than a few silly coins!"

As you turn to leave, she pinches you.

other :

You notice she was staring at you with a dreamy look in her eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't listening. I was just

If female :

thinking how nice it must be to be as beautiful as you."

If male :

noticing how strong and handsome you are..."

She looks away and sighs.