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a mysterious gypsy woman wearing an ankh pendant.


If at the Cat's Lair :

"My chances to visit Dr. Cat come all too seldom."

"Seek me out later and I will speak with you."

If didn't tip Kador :

"I have no time for those who are cruel to animals."

All other visits :

"Welcome back, Avatar."£"You are the Avatar. I had a vision that you would come to seek aid from me."

name :

"Some know me as Taynith. That is what you may call me."

tayn,know,call,pati :

"Seek not my true name. Let 'Taynith' suffice."

true :

"You try my patience."

job,aid :

"I tell fortunes - for a price."

tell,fort,sell,buy,pric,cons,tile,futu :

"I charge six gold to cast my tiles. Are you interested?"

no-"Very well."

yes, no gold-"Best check your purse."

yes-From the folds of her cloak, she withdraws a velvet pouch.

After shaking it gently, she casts forth three small squares of ivory, each with an image etched into its surface and a title at the bottom.

The tiles are:

Random tiles :

"If you consult the tiles another time, perhaps they will have more to say of your future."

'Panda', 'Coin', and 'Bead of Glass'.

Taynith says: "There is something made of glass that plays a very important role in your future, but the signs are unclear."

"Seek out Penumbra. Her crystal ball should hold more of an affinity for this item."

"If you pay her enough, she can tell you more than I."

'Abyss', 'Mountains', and 'Maelstrom'.

Taynith says: "This is strange."

"The tiles show that to accomplish your ends, you must go down very far, then up very far, but you will not end up back where you started."

"The 'Maelstrom' indicates something important as well, but I cannot determine what it means."

'Path', 'War', and 'Rogue'.

The 'War' tile is particularly striking. It depicts a dragon and a tiger, each about to bite the others tail.

Taynith says: "Britannia is on a path towards all out war, that is plain enough."

"The 'Rogue' is one who would go against the wishes of his Lord to find another path."

'Bead of Glass', 'Maelstrom', and 'Clever Fish'.

Taynith frowns. "I cannot interpret this pattern. I'm afraid you'll have to seek its meaning on your own."

'Shaman', 'Blademaster', and 'Clever Fish'.

Taynith says: "All of these things and more must you be to find success in your quest."

advi :

"My advice will cost you two gold. Do you still want it?"

no-"Very well."

yes, no gold-"Best check your purse."

yes-"Look through the books at the Lycaeum. You might learn something useful there."

gorg :

"A gorgio - that's almost as good as being a gypsy!"

bye :

"Our paths will cross again. I have foreseen it."

capt,john :

"Captain John? Yes, he brought us a silver tablet some time ago, to deliver to the Lycaeum."

"Zoltan took care of the deal, so he could tell you more than I."

silv,tabl,lyca :

"Ask Zoltan about it."

zolt :

"King of the gypsies, sure as my name's Taynith."

path :

"My path leads to Paws, as soon as I have time to visit there."

paw :

"My good friend Dr. Cat lives there."

frie,dr,cat :

"Ask him about the duck sometime."

ask,duck :

"Yes, ask him!"

lyca :

"Zoltan can tell you where it is."

penu :

If met Penumbra :

"I sense that you have met her already."

If not met Penumbra :

"There is no need for me to direct you there. You are destined to meet her."

other :

"No doubt."