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a voluptuous woman dressed in dark blue velvet over white cloth.


If karma low :

"Have you nothing better to do?" she asks pointedly. "Please excuse us."

Initial visit :

"Hello there, stranger. Can I help you?"

Subsequent visits :

"Hello, <Gender>."

name :

"I'm Sylaina Moorehead."

job :

"When I need some money for food and such, I work as a seamstress."

"Most of the time, however, I live off the seashore."

seam,sew,embr,clot :

"Yes. I used to make such fine clothes for my Nathaniel..."

nath :

"Though he was not a bad husband, I'll always remember him as something of a scoundrel."

She smiles and her lovely eyes sparkle with memories.

"They say he went down in a storm. He was a pirate."

moor :

"I'm a widow now. I live in a cottage on the beach."

sea,surf,ocea,beac,seas :

"There's always a bit of fish or gull's eggs to eat, with lobster once in a while."

"I'm as carefree as a gypsy."

wido :

"My husband left me a little money, to support myself for a time, but I still like to sew fine clothing."

"There are few things as relaxing as embroidering and sitting by the ocean, listening to the surf."

gyps :

"They travel the road between Britain and Trinsic."

"Normally I like them. They're a merry lot."

"But one time a group of gypsies stole my prized locket!"

lock :

"My husband left me a gold locket."

"It contained a piece of an old ship's chart. He said that chart would make me rich."

"I didn't really care about the chart. But the locket..."

"That locket was all I had to remember Nathaniel by."

She sighs and looks away for a moment.

pira,map :

"My husband left me a gold locket wrapped in a piece of an old ship's chart. Maybe that's what you seek."

"I don't have the locket or the map anymore. The gypsies came by one day and stole them."

stol :

"Yes--some gypsies are trustworthy, but others are scoundrels!"

bye :


other :

"Sorry, I cannot help you with that."