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a white-haired mage in flowing robes with a mad gleam in his eye.


"Get out! Flee before the awesome wrath of the mad mage Sutek!"

Subsequent visits :

"What brings you back to disturb the musings of the mad mage Sutek again?"

Initial visit :

"So, Avatar, you disturb the musings of the mad mage Sutek!"

"What wisdom dost thou seek?"

name :

"The name Sutek strikes fear in the hearts of mere mortals!"

"Everyone knows the name of Sutek the Mad!"

job :

"Sutek the Mad is the greatest mage the land has ever known!"

ball :

"Balloonist? Yes, Sutek remembers him."

"He died in Sutek's catacombs, like most of the others who have ever worked for Sutek!"

mad :

"Yes! Sutek is mad!"

"They say there is a fine line between genius and madness."

"Well, Sutek hops up and down on that line, cursing the fools that surround him!"

cata :

"Sutek hired many brilliant engineers to build the catacombs that lie beneath his castle."

"The catacombs are filled with the bones of those engineers!"

"The Pushme-Pullyu knows where all such bones can be found!"

push,pull :

"Sutek created the Pushme-Pullyu as a test for fools!"

"If you can pass the test, you will learn what you wish to know!"

bye :


"Sutek grants thou a piece of wisdom to take to thy grave, and thou refusest it?"

"Then thou must die!"

"How darest thou leave the presence of Sutek the Mad before he has dissmissed you?!"

"If thou art so rude, then I banish thee from my presence!"

"Begone, and pester Sutek no further!"

other :

"Yes, Sutek knows all about <Last Input>."

"But he won't tell you!"

"Only a fool would disturb Sutek with frivolous matters such as that!"

"Thy question is answered."

"Now flee before the awesome wrath of the mad mage Sutek!"

"Even the Avatar acknowledges the power and wisdom of Sutek!"

"Don't you, <Gender>?"


no-"No?! Then you must die!"

"Dost thou seek employment with Sutek the Mad?"

yes-"Well, too bad! Sutek isn't hiring today!"


"What sort of fool passes up the opportunity to work for the greatest genius of this age?"

"Such fools must die!"

"But Sutek is mad, and so he will grant you one last nugget of wisdom before thy death!"

"What wouldst thou like to know?"