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a tiny little man with wild eyes.


"Yeah. Ok. Yeah."

He looks you up and down and then claps his hands together. "Yeah. Ok. Yeah."

Subsequent visits :

"Back for some more wine?"

Initial visit :

"What can I do you for?"

name :

"Stivius the wine merchant is mine."

stiv :

"Quite a name, eh?"

job :

"I make wine."

buy,wine,merc :

"Yeah. Maybe you want to buy some."

"Which of you?"

"Which item?"

<NPC Name> smiles at <Character Name>. "For <Item Name> it will cost you # gold. Interested?"

yes, but full-"You look pretty full to me."

yes-"Excellent!" After accepting <Character Name>'s gold, <NPC Name> hands over the wine.

"Enjoy your <Item Name>."

yes, but no gold-<NPC Name> looks at <Character Name>. "You don't have enough gold."

no-"Too bad, it's really good wine."

ghos :

"It's not just a tale you've been hearing."

tale :

"Everyone knows that Quenton haunts this town."

"If I had been murdered by those evil ones...but that's just gossip."

ones,murd :

"It was late one night and I had just returned from my fields."

"'Course my path takes me right by Gideon's garden."

"I heard a noise by the well and saw some dark forms hunched there."

"They had huge wings and evil red eyes."

"I ran like the wind to my doorway. I was sure I was dead."

quen :

"He was a nice enough soul. I sold many bottles to him."

gide,gard :

"Gideon runs the Haunting Inn."

"His wife has a garden which you can see from my front door."

haun,inn :

"It's the Inn straight across the lane from here."

wife :

"She doesn't do much. Helps him run the place."

nois :

"Twas a strange whispering, in a tongue I could not understand."

stra,whis,tong :

"It didn't sound like any language I ever heard."

"More like one o' them guild languages."

guil,lang :

"Like the one the alchemist speaks."

alch :

"Go ask old Horance. He can tell ya - if you can understand him!"

hora :

"He lives over on Ivers Rounding by himself.

iver,roun :

"You must be new to this village."

"Go see @Marney, she'll get you there."

marn :

"She's the daughter of Quenton - the ghost."

dark,form :

"I couldn't see too clearly. They were about man-sized though."

man,size :

"Yes, but they were hunched down so it was hard to see them."

huge,wing,evil,red,eyes :

His eyes widen. "Gargoyles they were!"

"Must'a been ten or twelve of 'em."

ten,twel :

"Well, perhaps more like two or three."

"I didn't stay around and count 'em."

garg :

"Yes. Big, ugly, snarling beasts."

"'Course, they were kneeling when I saw 'em."

knee :

"You know, on their knees."

tren,bell :

"I don't care much for him. He's always trying to get me to sell him my wine cheaper."

deza :

"She's my sweetie."

He clasps his hands next to his cheek. "I count the hours until I can see her."

mich :

"I have never talked to him. He bought wine from me once but that's it."

lord,brit :

"Well, what's to say? I am glad he is again our ruler."

bye :

"Come back if you get thirsty."

other :

"Ask someone else about that."