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an angry-looking man wearing short swords on either hip.


Brawling :

He was just about to punch someone when you approached him.

"This is no time for talk. There's fighting to do!"

Subsequent visits :


Initial visit :

"Ho there, <Gender>!"

If Shamino in party :

"Good <Time of Day>, Stelnar." Shamino and Stelnar shake hands. "<Avatar Name>, this is Stelnar Starhelm."

"Pleased to meet you, <Gender> <Avatar Name>."

name :

"I'm called Starhelm."

arvi :

"Arvin? He seems a good sort."

culh :

"He's a bard. I do not really know him."

jerr :

"Oh, yes. Brave fellow."

sham,rang :

"Shamino and I travelled the Spiritwood together for a time."

job :

"I am a monster-slayer."

mons,slay :

"I hate all monsters. They are a blight on the face of Britannia!"

"For the past year I've been killing wisps and the like in Spiritwood."

blig,spir,wisp :

"Wisps are nasty flickers, very hard to kill. Not like gargoyles, now."

garg :

"There's one that they call Sin 'Vraal."

"If I had my way, that gargoyle would be a statue."

stat :

"They turn to stone when ye slay them."

"That's drivel, friend Starhelm!" says Van Kellian.

"A gargoyle's a flesh and blood beast."

"Stone indeed!"

"Bards! A gargoyle is an ugly monster, and that's that."

ugly :

"Van murmurs "Ugliness is but skin deep, just as beauty is."

"Gargoyle skin is very thick and deep, as everyone knows."

"Never trust anything ugly."

sin,vraa,'vra :

"He's a vicious daemon."

daem,demo :

"Yes, Sin 'Vraal is an evil wretch."

"How could Lord British imagine that a gargoyle could understand virtue?"

lord,brit,virt :

"Lord British defeated Sin 'Vraal in the underworld."

"The gargoyle went to live in the Dry Land."

dry,land :

"'Tis a desert east of the Bloody Plains. There is a shrine there."

shri,dese :

"I've never been to that desert, or the Shrine of Honesty."

bye :

"Farewell, <Avatar Name>."

-or- :

"Have a pleasant <Time of Day>, <Gender>."

other :

I cannot help ye with that."