Snake Charmer

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Snake Charmer


an old winged gargoyle.


Not learned Gargish, not submitted :

The gargoyle shouts, "An-bal-sil-fer!" and flees!

Learned Gargish, not submitted :

The gargoyle shouts, "The False Prophet!" and flees!

Learned Gargish, submitted :

Subsequent visits :

"To feel honored by your visit, False Prophet."

Initial visit :

The gargoyle seems afraid of you at first.

Then he notices the amulet around your neck.

"To--to feel honored to address you, False Prophet."

"To ask what you wish of a simple snakecharmer?"

name :

"The gargoyle laughs nervously.

"To lack a name, of course.

"To be called simply by my job, snakecharmer."

job :

"To summon the silver snake, and to direct the young warriors in defeating it."

"Then to extract the venom so that I can make the battle-drug."

veno,batt,drug :

"To make the drug for our bravest warriors, who take it and turn into fighting daemons!"

"To express sorrow that the drug is fatal, but to express awe and respect for the warriors' sacrifice."

snak,silv,summ,char :

"To use the great horn to summon the silver snake."

"To always require many warriors to defeat the creature!"

horn :

"To find the horn just north of my house."

"But to warn you never to blow the horn!"

"To be in grave peril from the snake without a squad of warriors!"

bye :

"To express my thanks for the sacrifice you have chosen to make!"

other :

"To be but a simple snake charmer, unfamiliar with matters such as that."