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a troubadour with a drum. His tailored suit is travel-worn but bright.


If Avatar female, speaking to Sylaina :

"Excuse me, ma'am. We are, um, indisposed." He returns his attentions to Sylaina.

If Avatar male, speaking to Sylaina :

"Pardon me, sir, but I hate to keep my dear one waiting."

"You understand, of course." He returns his attentions to Sylaina.

Initial visit :

"Greetings, folks." <Given Name>

Subsequent visits :

"Why, hello there, my friend. You've grown a bit since we met last."

"I'm afraid I can't recall your name; you'll have to forgive me."

If Iolo in party :

"It has been a while, Master Iolo."

name :

"My name is Sionnach." (He pronounces it 'ShaNOK'.)

job :

"I'm a drummer and a singer."

drum :

Would you like me to play for you?"

no-"As you wish, <Given Name>."

yes-The drum is wide and flat. Sionnach holds it by the strings on the back of it.

Then, he taps it in intricate patterns using both ends of the dowel held loosely in his other hand.

It sounds thus: 'RUM-TE-TUM, RUM-TE-TUM, TUMBLETY-TUM-TE-TUM!'The beat is invigorating and exciting.

"That's a battle summons."

batt,summ :

"'Twas long ago... Back when men forced sorcerous secrets from demons..."

"Back when women wove moonbeams into cloth of indescribably fine texture..."

"Long ago, Lord Fennian devised a language of raps and knocks on the great drums used by his armies."

"Each drum was made of the entire skin of a bull, stretched taut by a dozen cords."

"It's true. I read that in a book I found at the Lycaeum."

book,lyca,read,foun :

"I also read a number of maritime histories."

"They record the facts behind the many songs of different ships."

song,ship :

"The sea is not always a gentle, generous friend."

"Storms have brought down many a haughty vessel: the evil Empire, the Dutchman, the Virtuous..."

"Have you heard of the Virtuous?"

dutc,empi :

"I don't know where she rests. Ask other bards."

"There's probably great treasure on her, and on the Virtuous, too."

sing,virt :

Sionnach sings softly for you.

"A southerner from Serpent's Hold

Once slew a pirate crew of eight.

Young Keegan was this warrior bold,

And thus he claimed the 'Bitter Kate.'"

"He broke a bottle 'cross her bow

And 'Virtuous' became her name.

For many years she served him well;

Good Captain Keegan rose to fame."

"The Barston Bay came north to fight,

The Jolly Roger on her mast.

To cold Loch Lake she sailed that night.

To sink Keegan's ship with cannon blast."

"Ah, the old Bitter Kate, she's mended her ways,

And as the Virtuous, ended her days."

"Captain Keegan, he sleeps the endless sleep

While on Loch Lake's shore the Virtuous lays."

bye :

"Take care!"

other :

"That I cannot help you with."