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a long haired, raggedy man in stocks.


name :

"I'm Sinjen the warrior."

warr :

"Well, these days I'm more into stocks."

job :

"Lenora said I should stay in these stocks for a while and make sure they work properly."

stoc,make,sure,work,prop,stay :

"I didn't really do anything wrong. I told them to go ahead and put me here anyway, so I could get a different perspective on life."

pers :

"Normally we stumble around through life on our own. But here I can stand still and watch it go by all around me."

life :

"The meaning of life? I'm still trying to figure it out myself."

leno :

"Justice may be a virtue, but I think she carries it too far."

just,virt :

"I prefer Mandrake's version of the eight virtues."

mand,vers,eigh :

"You should ask him about it sometime."

bye :

"Come back and chat again sometime. I'll be right here..."