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Temple of Singularity


a finely-carved stone pyramid.


As you face the altar, a voice rings in your head.

You understand it perfectly, but you can't recognize the language!

If already solved quest :

"There is no more wisdom for thee to acquire here, noble Avatar."

"Seek the Codex, and may nothing impede thy sacred quest!"

Subsequent visit if given quest :

"Hast thou completed thy journey to the catacombs?"

yes-What is the Mantra of Singularity?"

yes, but low karma-"Thy deeds make thee unworthy of enlightenment."

no-"Return when thy path is more focused."

"Thou hast far to travel and much to achieve, but thy inner fire will surely guide thy way."

-or- :

"Thou hast far to travel and much to achieve."

"May the wisdom imparted here help purify thy inner flame."

"Look deep inside thyself, Avatar, and answer this:"

"For whom dost thou truly seek the Codex?"

cont,dili,pass :

"<Last input> is one of the guiding principles of the gargoyle race."

"Go thou into the Catacombs of <Control, Diligence, Passion>, near the coast to the <west, south, east> of here."

"There you will find the being who most exemplifies this principle."

prin,thre :

"The three principles of Control, Passion and Diligence form the basis of the gargoyle way of life."

name,job :

Thou hast reached the Altar of Singularity. What dost thou seek?"

cata :

Which catacomb dost thou seek?"


The mystic voice falls silent, and you leave the altar.

other :

"The answer to that lies elsewhere."

-or- :

"The answer to that lies within thyself."

"What do you seek, Avatar?"

sacr,ques,code,mant :

"What is the Mantra of Singularity?"

un-or-us,unorus :

"Let the principle of control guide thy quest."

"Let the principle of passion drive thy quest."

"Let the principle of diligence maintain thy quest."

"Then wilt thou truly achieve the unified spirit and singularity of purpose that is necessary for success in all endeavors."

"This is the gargoyle way; let it be thy way as well."

The altar glows with a cold blue flame.

You feel compelled to seek out the Codex.

Your final quest has begun!

un-us-or,us-un-or,us-or-un,or-us-un,or-un-us,unusor,usunor,usorun,orusun,orunus :

You have not yet become familiar with the wisdom of the gargoyle race."

"Continue thy search."

"Think again, Avatar: For whom dost thou seek the Codex?"

both,our,peac,all,ever :

"Thy answer is wise."

"But how canst thou truly work for the good of a race whose ways thou dost not understand?"

"Go thou into the Catacombs of Control, Passion and Diligence."

"In each wilt thou find the final resting place of the being who most exemplifies that principle."

"Return when thou hast found these catacombs."

huma,me,my,lord,brit :

Thy answer is foolish."

"A journey made for selfish reasons can never be a sacred quest, regardless of its goal."

garg,seer,scho,inqu,lead :

Thy answer is foolish."

"There is no nobility or honor in betraying one's own race for the sake of another."

"Such a path can never be a sacred quest."

valk,beh,naxa,drax,bole :

Thy answer is foolish."

"Thy compassion is acknowledged, but compassion is not the key to success."

"The motive must be as one with the goal for a journey to become a sacred quest."

bye :

"Return when thou canst truly answer this question."

other :

"Thy answer is foolish."

"Thy mind must be focused clearly on thy path for thy journey to become a sacred quest."