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the daemon Sin'Vraal.



name :

"I am Sin'Vraal."

job :

"No job, <Gender>. I am free to wander where I wish."

free,wand :

"Among my people, those who can fly rule."

"Though I have wings, I cannot fly. So I was a slave."

"Here I am free!"

peop,demo,your :

"I am not a daemon, though humans think so."

"I am a gargoyle."

garg,ran,away :

"I fled here to the Underworld because I was not free among the gargoyles."

book,prop,mari :

"The Book of Prophecies says that the False Prophet will come to destroy the gargoyle race."

"Only the sacrifice of the False Prophet will save us."

read :

"Because I could not fly, I was never taught to read."

sacr :

"Sacrifice means many things in my language."

"You should seek out a gargoyle scholar to learn more."

"Travel the other side of the world, and you should be able to find one."

"You can go down through Hythloth to get to the realm of gargoyles."

fly :

"There are two kinds of gargoyles: winged ones and wingless ones."

"Wingless ones are mute and unintelligent. They do all the manual labor."

"Winged ones are smart, and do all the planning and leading."

"Being able to fly is, to them, a sign of intelligence."

"Even the Temple can only be reached by air."

inte :

"Yes, a strange concept this."

"Yet as some in Minoc can tell you, flying can be achieved by anyone."

temp :

"The great Temple of Singularity held the Codex."

"The Temple is the most holy gargoyle place."

"A human could learn much by traveling there."

"But you could never get to the temple."

"Not only is it deep below the surface, but it can only be reached by flying."

"And you cannot fly any more than I can."

pira :

"Yes, I once met a pirate here in the desert."

"He seemed to be hunting me, but he got dragged off by the ants!"

ants :

"The great desert ants build huge mounds, and are very dangerous!"

bye :

"May your persistence and precision lead to success, <Gender>!"

other :

"I know nothing of <Last Input>, <Gender>."