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a muscular knight. He speaks in a raspy voice.


Initial Visit :


Subsequent visits :

"Greetings, <Gender> Avatar!"

"Thou art most welcome in my castle, Avatar." He bows deeply to you.

name :

"Call me Simon, <Gender>."

job :

"I am the lord of Serpent's Hold."

mant :

"I personally favor the mantra of Valour."

"I taught it to the bard Culham in a song."

culh :

"He spends much time in Jhelom, though he be a traveling bard."

trav :

"Yes, there's no telling where one might find him."

"As I said, though, Jhelom is a good guess."

rune :

"If I had a rune, I'd wear it proudly."

"But others fear for the safety of such important talismans, hiding them in some peculiar places."

"I wonder if 'tis considered theft to seize a rune laid out for all to see..."

bye :

"Goodbye. I hope thou wilt visit me again when thou hast time, friend."

other :

"I wish I could help thee with that, Avatar."