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a man with a wide bottom. His voice is almost like a woman's.


Initial visit :

"Ooh, you look so thin! Here, have a bite of bread."

He gives you a roll; it is still warm from the oven.

Subsequent visits :

"Why, hello there, <Gender>."

name :

"My name is Shubin, <Gender>."

job :

I'm a cook, <Gender>."

sand :

"He is my friend."

mant :

"Sandy says the mantra of eating is 'yum,' <Gender>. Hee, hee!"

If Iolo in party :

You friend Iolo rolls his eyes. "Such wisdom we can surely do without!"

"That's one of the eight mantras, isn't it?"

no-"Oh, do not tease old Shubin so, <Gender>!"

yes-"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

thin,roll :

If given rolls :

"I have no more rolls, <Gender>."

If not given rolls :

He ask anxiously "Do you like it, <Gender>?"

no-"Such a picky eater. No wonder you're so skinny, <Gender>."

yes-"Have a whole tray, then."

cook :

"Being a cook is like being an adventurer, <Gender>."

adve :

"Yes, <Gender>. I must gather up all my ingredients with care."

care :

"So that I have the right ingredients, <Gender>."

ingr :

"Adventurers are always searching for this or that, <Gender>. So are cooks."

"Do you know of Magincian Pastry?"

It is a marvellous dish, <Gender>. My friend Sandy gave me the recipe..."

"I'm only missing one ingredient..."

"Well, I'd like to make it, <Gender>, but I cannot get one of the ingredients..."

"I sure would appreciate it if you brought it back for me if you came across one in your travels, <Gender>..."

"If you could find time for old Shubin, that is..."

"Would it be too much trouble to bring me back a dragon's egg, <Gender>?"

yes-He sighs. "Well, <Gender>, it did no harm to ask, I suppose."

no-"I just know you will remember Shubin, <Gender>. Thank you."

drag,egg :

"Have you one with you?"

bye :

"Goodbye, <Gender>."