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a charismatic man with an engaging smile.


Subsequent visits :

"Welcome back, stranger." He winks at you.

Initial Visit :

"Welcome." He makes a sweeping gesture with his hat.

name :

"Shawn, friend."

buy :

"Which: ham, ale, mead, wine, or rations?"

job :

"I sell ham, ale, mead, wine, and rations."

ham :

"It'll cost you 5 gold for the ham. Interested?"

no-"Very well..."

yes-"Which of you?"

yes, full-"You can't carry it, <Character Name>."

yes-"Excellent!" After accepting the gold, <NPC Name> serves <Character Name> the ham.

yes, no gold-"How were you looking to pay for the meal? Eh?"

mead, ale, wine :

"Which of you?"

"Very well..."

<NPC Name> smiles at <Character Name> and says, "That will cost you # gold. Interested?"

no-"Very well..."

yes, full-"You can't carry it, <Character Name>."

yes-"Fine!" After accepting <Character Name>'s gold, <NPC Name> hands over the purchase.

yes, not enough gold-"You don't have enough gold, <Character Name>."

rati :

"Which of you?"

"Very well..."

<NPC Name> looks at <Character Name> and says, "It'll cost you 4 gold for each ration. How many do you want?"

too many"Come now, that's a little much, don't you think?"

no-<NPC Name> frowns at <Character Name> and says, "That was a good price."

yes, full-"You haven't any room in your pack, <Character Name>."

yes, not enough gold-"Mutton rations cost more gold than you have, <Character Name>."

yes-He hands <Character Name> # mutton ration\s.

shaw :

"That's it."

bye :

"I'm glad you stopped by." He gives you a firm handshake.

other :

"I'm sorry. Perhaps you could ask someone else."