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a handsome warrior.


Subsequent visits :


Initial visit :

"<Avatar Name! You have come at last!"

name :

"It is I, Sentri." (He pronounces his name 'Sahn-tray.')

job :

I have been waiting here for you."

"I heard you had returned, and knew you would come here eventually."

wait,retu,hear,here :

Britannia needs your help now more than ever before."

"Many have set out to fight the gargoyles already."

brit,need,help,figh,garg :

Not just the town guards, but any able bodied men that could be spared from their work."

"The battle goes poorly. But now that you are here, there is hope. I stand ready to join you."

join :

If in party :

"I have joined you already!"

If not in party :

"Shall I join your party?"

no-"I bow to your wisdom. If you have need of me later, you have but to ask."

yes, but in boat-"It would be best if you got out of that vessel first."

yes, but party full-"You have enough companions now.""If you tell one of them to leave first, then I'll join you."

yes-"So be it. Now that we are together, surely the realm will be saved."

bye :

If you should pass this way again, I will be here. I await but the opportunity to join you."

other :

"I beg your pardon, could you repeat that?

leave :

"Has the time come when your plans call for me to wait in reserve?"

no-"Then let's be on about our mission!"

yes, but in boat-"Let's get our feet back on solid ground first, okay?"

yes-"Then I shall go wait at Serpent's Hold until you need me again."

"I'd best leave you my equpiment in case you need it on your quest."