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a slender, graceful man tuning a lute.


Initial visit :

"Oh, hello. Maybe you can help me with something."

"My nephew is studying alchemy, and he needs to know this."

Subsequent visits :

"Hello. There's something I need to ask you, what was it..."

"Oh, yes, now I remember!"

Questions :

"What kind of fork should mandrake roots be prepared with?"

"What part of the nightshade mushroom is used in spellcasting?"

"Where does sulfurous ash come from?"

"What are black pearls used for?"

Incorrect answer :

"No, that doesn't sound right. If only I had a Compendium to look it up in..."

Correct answer :

"Thanks! Now what can I do for you?"

bye :

"Hmmmm... I wish I knew the answer to that question..."

He turns away from you absent-mindedly.

If answer quetion :

"Hail and welcome, <Avatar Name>!"

name :

"My name is Selganor. 'Tis a name with a long history..."

"But you have the look of one with more important business."

selg,hist :

"It means 'seeker of the crystal'. Perhaps I'll tell you more some other time."

seek,crys :

"That's quite a tale."

tale :


impo,busi :

"Perhaps you're interested in joining the guild."

job :

"I am the guildmaster of artisans."

rune :

Have rune :

"I already loaned you the rune."

Don't have rune :

"I'd be glad to loan you the rune, but only members of the guild are allowed to handle it."

loan,memb,guil,arti,join :

Already member :

"Wait a minute... You're already a member of the guild!"

Not a member :

"If you want to join the guild, you need to do two things."

"First, you need to make a set of panpipes. Julia can teach you how to that."

"You also need to commit 'Stones' to memory. 'Tis a simple tune - ask Gwenno to play it for thee."

pan,pipe,ston :

If joined guild :

"You should play your panpipes often - 'twill lighten your step on the long road ahead."

If not joined guild :

"Have you made a set of panpipes?"

no-"Oh. Well, Julia can show you how if you need help."

yes, no pipes-"But I don't see any!"

yes, have pipes-He inspects the pipes. "Very good, very good indeed."

"Now tell me the sequence of notes in 'Stones' and I'll induct you into the guild."

"Numeric notation will be fine."

678987,8767653 :

"Excellent!" He strums a chord on his lute, then taps you lightly once on each shoulder with it.

"You are now a full member of the guild of artisans."

He reaches into a belt-pouch, takes out the Rune of Sacrifice, and hands it to you.

"I'm sure you'll be needing this in your travels."

"I know you'll find some solution to this gargoyle problem."

other :

"No, I'm afraid that's not it. Gwenno can help you learn the notes."

juli :

If Julia in party :

"Yes, ask her about it."

Don't have panpipes :

"She made my lute - and most of our other instruments as well."

"She lives just across the road, next door to Lady Isabella."

isab :

"She's the mayor."

gwen :

"I know she's around here somewhere..."

If Gwenno in party :

"I'm right here, Selganor!"

"Ah, I knew you'd be somewhere close by."

lute,inst :

"I prefer stringed instruments. They make such lovely sounds."

ball :

"Oh, are you looking for the man who invented the balloon?" He stares upward, stroking his chin pensively.

"Ah yes, now I remember. He flew to Sutek's castle."

"Said something about a big job he had to do there."

sute,cast,flew :

"Sutek lives on an island, far to the south."

isla :

"It's east of Serpent's Hold."

bye :

"It was nice talking to you."

other :

"I don't think I can help you there."