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a huge, muscled warrior with a sad look in his eyes.


He looks at you imploringly.

"What is it?"

If in party :

"You have a question?"

name :

"Seggallion of...well now that won't mean anything to you."

If in party :

"Seggallion. You can call me 'Segg' though."

job :

"If you mean my profession, I would have to say a knight of Ashtalarea."

If in party :

"He looks at you puzzled. "The same as yours now."

asht :

"A land unfamiliar to you, I'm sure. Just as unfamiliar as yours is to me."

If in party :

"Ask me again sometime. It is quite a story."

unfa,land :

"Yes, I was walking in the mountains of Tyme when suddenly I heard a noise."

"It was dark and I heard this low growling."

"Having just been released from Pildar's clutches, I was tired and hungry."

tyme :

"That is a great range of mountains in my land. Wherever that is now."

pild :

"From what I hear, he is not unlike your Mondain."

"Anyway, I peered into the darkness but could see nothing."

"Suddenly a huge wall of @blue flame appeared behind me."

blue,flam :

"Yes, blue like nothing I had seen in any spell."

"Anyway, just as I turned, the creature leapt from the woods."

"It hit me with such force, we both entered the blue flame together."

ente :

"Well, it didn't burn us, we just fell through to the ground beyond it."

"After struggling for a while, I finally managed to kill it."

"That's when I wandered into this community."

comm :

"The people of this land are brave and honorable."

"They fed and clothed me when I discovered that my gold was not the same as yours."

"I know it is a queer story, but true none the less."

quee :

"Yes it is. Still, if I could I would like to join you on your quest."

"Perhaps one of the people in your land will know how to get me back to mine."

"If not, at least I can thank your people by assisting you."

join :

"You don't look seperated to me." He laughs heartily.

If on boat :

"Not while you're in that thing!"

If party full :

"I wish I could, however, you seem to have enough strong arms already."

"If any should leave though, seek me out."

If join party :

He bows low. "Seggallion at your service."

bye :


If joined party :

"Shall we be off then?"

other :

"That's one on me. 'Tain't never heard o' that."

If in party :

"He leans a bit closer. "What was that?"

leave :

If not in party :

"Am I standing in your light? Sorry."

If on boat :

"Could we at least wait till we get back to shore?"

If leaves :

"I'll leave all these things with you."

"It is hard to say goodbye, but I see your path leads elsewhere, so..."