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a shifty-eyed man with a strange smile. He smells of rancid grease and cooking smoke.


"Hello there, <Gender>."

If have egg :

"That big, carefully wrapped bundle could only be a dragon's egg!"

"Will you give it to me?"

no-"I guess I cannot help you much, then."

yes-"Now I can make Humble Pie!" Overjoyed, he gives you a hug.

"So, does the subject of pirates interest you?"

no-He shrugs. "As you wish."

yes-"Well, first, there is one in Serpent's Hold. I cannot recall her name, but she has a piece of the map with her."

"Second, there is one on Dagger Isle. A hermit."

"Third, I know of a pirate at Empath Abbey, or thereabouts. Nathaniel Moorehead was his name."

"The fourth... but then maybe I've said too much already."

name :

"My name is Sandstone Angus."

"Most folks call me Sandy."

job :

"I cook for Lord Whitsaber."

"He especially likes my recipe for fish in a white wine sauce."

fish,wine,sauc :

"It's my specialty!"

four,said,much,alre :

"Before Lord Whitsaber came to Trinsic to be our mayor, he had another job..."

"As first mate to Captain Hawkins himself! His real name is Alastor Gordon."

map,lord,whit,map,pira :

Didn't give egg :

"Hmmm. I'd better get back to cooking... Excuse me."

He walks away mumbling, "Magincian pastry..."

pie,magi,past :

If gave egg :

"Truly it shall be a magnificent desert!"

If didn't give egg :

"I could do you a favor if you did one for me first."

egg :

"Only a dragon's will do."

drag :

"There's a lair in the dungeon Destard, to the northwest."

"It's not far."

bye :


favo,firs :

"Let's see..."

"'A golden orb on a crystal sea, in a box sans hinges, lid, or key.'"

"I'll give you one guess to this riddle."

egg :

"Very good!"

other :

"It's an egg, of course."

"To make Magincian pastry, I require one dragon's egg."

other :

"Sorry, I can't help you with that."