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a rough and tumble man with wild, unkempt hair.


Not At work :

"Aye, and a fine

"I'm busy just now. Why don't ya come t'my smithy tomorrow/later today and we'll talk then."

Not at work :

Initial visit :

"Good <Time of Day>, friend"

Subsequent visits :

"'Tis good to see thee, friend!" he says, grabbing your arm.

"What d'ya need?"

name :

"Rufus the Red."

rufu,red :

"Can ya not tell by my hair?"

buy :

"Which of you?"

"It'll cost you 2 gold for the horseshoes. Interested?"

yes, full-"You look pretty full to me."

yes-"Good, good!" After accepting <Character Name>'s gold, <NPC Name> hands over the horseshoes.

"Those shoes will last ya."

yes, no gold-"You haven't enough gold!"

no-"You'll find none stronger."

job :

"If you want to buy horseshoes, just ask."

bye,noth :

"Remember to shoe yer steed often. Bye."

shoe :

"Aye, it saves their feet from stones and such."

other :

"I just shoe horses, sorry."