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a vaporous form hovering before you.


A shiver runs up your spine as you feel a chilling draft...

Initial visit :

The form is that of a man.

His mouth moves, yet no words can be heard...

murd,kill,die,dead :

You speak the word and the spectre responds by pointing a boney hand to his eye.

eye :

A wind from behind blows your hair, covering your eyes.

garg :

A whirlpool of leaves, twigs and stones whips up around you.

Your clothing is yanked by the strong wind forcing you to grip it tightly in your hands.

marn :

A cool breeze blows through your hair.

You suddenly smell the scent of a storm approaching.

how :

The ghostly image shimmers for a moment and then he points a boney finger to his neck.

who :

The spectre's arm thrusts out, pointing to the sea.

sea :

The spectre's arm thrusts again, this time.

This time you see it points towards the pier.

bye :

A strong breeze suddenly assaults you with twigs and leaves.

other :

You hear no answer save the rustle of the leaves on the ground around you.