Pushme Pullyu

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Pushme Pullyu


a bizarre, two-headed beast. Both heads take turns speaking to you.


"Stand over here!"

"Stand over there!"

"Come hear our puzzle anywhere!"

name :

"Should I answer you today? If asked tomorrow, I would say..."

"That my partner and I are the Pushme Pullyu, and speaking in riddles is what we do."

"But which is Pullyu, and which is Pushme? If you'd asked yesterday, I'd have told thee!"

push :

"If you asked my partner, thinking him wise, he'd tell you the Pushme always lies!"

pull :

"If you asked my partner, then forsooth, he'd say the Pullyu always speaks truth!"

ly,lie,fals :

"My partner lies, and that is true. It is because he's the Pullyu!"

tru :

"I'll always tell the truth to thee. That's because I am the Pushme!"

job,ridd,puzz :

"If my partner said you should go west, then he would be a lying pest!"

"If my partner said you should go east, then he would be a lying beast!"

"If my partner said 'Go east.' to you, then he'd have said that which is true."

"If my partner said to you 'Go west.', then his advice would be the best."

east,west :

"If you asked my partner which was best, he'd say 'East lie beasts, so go quest west.'"

bye :

"So soon to leave?"

"You'd leave so soon?"

"Take three blind mice, a dish and spoon!"

"And if, perhaps, you've solved our riddle,"

"Then go dance with the cat and fiddle!"

Both heads smile innocently at you.

If Dupre in party :

Dupre is staring at them, his jaw hanging wide open.

If Iolo in party :

Iolo says "That's got to be the most baffling thing I've ever heard."

other :

"Is that a lie, or is it true?"

"Could we be more confused than you?"