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an old man, tall and thin. He spends all his time whittling.


Received keys :


yes, no keys-"Well, where is it?"

"Well, that does me no good."

"Need it here."

Without another word, the jailer returns to his carving.

yes, have keys-"Much obliged," the taciturn jailer says as he takes the key.

no-"Well, bring it back to me when you are."

Without another word, the jailer returns to his carving.

Don't have keys :

"Good <Time of Day>, <Gender>. What can I do for you?"

thie,robb :

"He's in solitary, right over there."

lock,see,meet,talk,soli,ther :

"You'll need my key to get in there."

key,your,give,plea :

"Yup, I could give you the key...."

"But not without Her Ladyship's permission."

perm,impo,ques,avat,lett,lady,must,need :

"You got a letter of permission from Her Ladyship?"

yes, no letter-"Gotta have a letter if you want to see the thief."

yes, have letter-"Okay, here's the key."

"Give it back when you're done."

no-"Well, gotta have a letter if you want to see the thief."

brib,mone,pay,give :

"You offering me a bribe?"

yes-He thinks for a moment.

"Nope. Sorry, not interested."

no-"Pity. Never been offered a bribe before."

name :

"Name's Pridgarm."

job :

"I mind the jail."

"Got a prisoner in solitary right now."

jail :

"Got four of the cleanest cells you could ask fer."

cell :

"Say, you looking to get the keys to my jail cells?"

no-"Okay. Never had nobody sound so interested in jest hearing about the jail before."

yes-"Well, ya know, I shouldn't do this."

"But Her Ladyship is a little too strict about who she puts in here."

"So I make up fer it by being a little careless with the keys, if you take my meaning."

He tosses you some keys, then turns his back on you.

pris :

"Feller broke into the grave of His Lordship, the late Mayor."

rune,fami,free,feed,kids,rele,deal,go,allo,trad,brok,grav,lord :

"'Taint my place to talk about that. You should go see Her Ladyship, the Mayor."

bye :

The jailer nods and says "<Time of Day>."

other :

"Don't know nothing about that."

-or- :

The old man simply shrugs and keeps on whittling.