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a graceful, silver haired woman in robes of blue.


She eyes you suspiciously. "What do you want?"

name :

"I am Phoenix."

job :

I used to be captain of the Black Thechu."

"But now I'm a member of the thieves guild, and I don't care who knows it."

"Britain is the wealthiest city in the world, and I make a tidy living sneaking up there at night to 'liberate' a few possessions."

"Of course, I only steal from those who have too much wealth for their own good."

libe,stea,thie :

"It's an honorable profession, with as long a tradition as any other."

capt,blac,thec :

"She was the finest ship that ever sailed. But those days are past."

"The crew's scattered to the four corners of the earth, and the Thechu's off amongst the stars."

crew,star :

"We were at port one day when the anchor chain snapped, and the Thechu drifted off the edge of the world."

"I'd join her if I could, and sail through space..."

four,corn,eart,edge,worl :

"The world is flat, you know." She eyes you appraisingly.

"Surely any well educated person would be aware of that."

belt :

"You want my belt? I'm sorry, lass/laddy, but I'm not ready to retire just yet."

reti :

"No way! I'm making too good a living to give it up now."

"If you want to get my belt, use your wits. Prove you're worthy to replace me."

wit,prov,wort,repl :

"Figure it out yourself."

guil :

"If you want to join the guild, go talk to Budo about it."

budo :

"He lives in Buccaneer's Den."

"These tunnels can take you there - unless you get lost, or the rats get you..."

bucc,den :

"The rumors of pirates there are just idle chatter."

She smiles. "I haven't been there in a while. It's a lovely little town..."

chat :

"I don't know about you, but some of us have more important things to do with our time."

pira :

"Pirates? I'm sure I wouldn't know a thing about them."

bye :

"About time you were on your way. One thing before you go..." She draws her dagger.

"Don't tell anyone where my hideout is. If you do, some night you'll go to sleep and never wake up again."

"You'll never know when it's coming."

"She turns and throws the dagger at a little mouse that was sniffing around for food, pinning it to the wall by its tail.

If Sherry in party :

"Eeeeek!" Sherry runs up your leg, and it takes several minutes before you can coax her back down again.

other :

"I haven't got all day to stand around talking. Get to the point, or go bother someone else."