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a well-dressed man with a very even temper.


Subsequent visits :


Initial visit :

"Greetings, traveler, and welcome to the Wayfarer's Inn!"

name :

"I am Peyton, and this is my place." He gestures with his hands.

peyt :

"Did you need something?"

job :

"I can offer you a room for the evening."

room,inn :

"# gold for bed and breakfast. Interested?"

no-"Well, perhaps next time you're in town."

yes-You sleep in a comfortable bed...

You wake rested and eat a large breakfast.

"Good morning, and have a good day."

yes, no gold-You don't have enough gold for that.

"I'm sorry, cash in advance. That's our policy."

yes, group gold-Your party takes up a collection to pay for the rooms.

bye :

"Goodbye. Take care of yourself."

other :

"I'm sure you'll have to ask another."