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a giant of a man with a solemn stare.


If didn't stay at inn :

"What you back for? I thought you not like my inn."

Subsequent visits :

"Heylo again."

Initial visit :

"Heylo to you."

name :


petr :

"Da, Petroph."

job :

"I am keeping the inn, here at King's Ransom."

room,inn :

"# gold for you to stay and have meal, good?"

yes, no gold-"Must pay in advance for rooms. Sorry, is policy."

yes-You sleep in a comfortable bed...

You wake rested and eat a large breakfast.

"Good morning to you."

no :

"What, maybe you don't like my inn?"

"Well, maybe I don't like you either!"

bye :

If didn't buy room :

"Da, goodbye and good riddance!"

If didn't ask about room :

"Have a nice day."

other :

"You speak too quick. What was that?"