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a colorfully garbed bard.



name :

"Patrick's the name. What's yours?"

"A pleasure."

job :

"Same as any bard - telling stories, singing songs, that sort of thing."

bard :

"I was trained in the conservatory, like most of us."

cons :

"Johann, Lazeena, Sionnach--they all studied there."

"Of course, there are always oddballs like Mandrake."

joha,laze,sion :

"A fine bard indeed."

mand :

"Completely self taught, he is. Got some odd ideas about the eight virtues."

"I have to give him credit, though..."

"Last time we gathered together for a songwriting competition, he won first prize easily."

virt,eigh :

"Ask him yourself."

stor :

Ok, here's one..."

"The owl and the pussycat sailed to sea

In a beautiful pea green boat.

Along came a spider and sat down beside them,

And the cat said 'Whose been sleeping in my bed!'

The clock struck one, the owl fell down,

And three little piggies went 'Wee wee wee wee wee' all the way home."

"I don't understand it at all, but Dr. Cat says that's his favorite story."

cat :

"He's a decent guy, and he doesn't water his drinks either."

"He told me I should learn a story with some ducks in it, though."

drin :

"Being a bard can be thirsty work."

thir :

"A warrior mustn't let his blade grow dull, right?"

"Well, so also must a bard keep his throat from getting too dry!"

duck :

"Don't ask me. If he likes ducks that's his business."

song :

He clears his throat...

"A lusty young smith at his feist stood a-firing,

His hammer lay by but his forge still aglow,

When to him a buxom young damsel came smiling,

And asked if to work at her forge he would go."

"With a jingle vang jingle vang jingle vang jingle,

With a jingle vang jingle vang jingle hi ho."

"'I will' said the smith and they went off together,

"Unto the young damsel's forge they did go.

They stripped to go to it--'twas hot work and hot weather,

She kindled the fire and she soon made him glow."

"With a jingle vang jingle vang jingle vang jingle,

With a jingle vang jingle vang jingle hi ho!"

"I hope you enjoyed the song!"

bye :

"Fare thee well."

other :

"That's an excellent question. Ask me another one!"