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a sleepy looking young lady.


She yawns as you approach. "Oh, hello there. I must have been daydreaming."

name :

"My name is Nema. What's yours?"

"That's nice."

job :

"I tend Lord British's orchard."

"Of course, this time of year there's not much to do, so I take a lot of naps."

tend,orch :

"To provide fresh fruit for Lord British's banquets."

prov,fres,frui,banq,stop,year,king,dual,univ,expr,conc,colo :

"That's the way of it."

lord,brit :

"Long live the king! I was just a homeless orphan when he gave me this job."

home,orph :

"My parents were killed in an earthquake."

"But now I have a place to live, and a job to put food on the table."

pare,kill,eart :

"The earthquakes seem to have stopped, thank goodness."

"We haven't had one in well over a year now."

dayd :

"Well, I have better dreams at night anyway."

nap :

"To snooze, perchance to dream..."

"O Morpheus, I long for a taste of thy sweet oblivion!"

morp :

"Morpheus is the King of Slumberland! I think the moon is one of his daughters."

slum :

"It lies halfway between our fears and our desires."

fear,desi :

"Fear and desire... What would either be without the other?"

moon :

"She is the sweet harbinger of the night!"

snoo,slee,obli :

"Sleep is the finest medicine, for in our dreams lie the answers to all the problems of the waking world."

wak,worl :

"Colors never seem as vivid when I'm awake."

answ,prob :

"Day brings questions, night brings answers."

"Thusly does the duality of the universe find expression in our lives."

ques :

"What color is seven? How many is green? Could horses speak, if they wished to? These things concern me..."

If Dupre in party :

Dupre says "Concerned? She should be committed! We have better things to do than listen to this loon."

nigh :

"When the sun's blazing eye winks shut, and Morpheus rules the heavens."

dream :

"I dream of castles of ice, rivers that run backwards, fairy princesses and cloud dragons."

"Once I dreamed that my orchard grew and grew, until I felt like a tiny bug amongst the giant plants."

"Sometimes everything is upside-down, or made of chocolate."

"I've dreamed many a strange dream, but my favorite one is....."

bye :

She seems to have dozed off before she even heard you say goodbye.

other-"I had a dream about that once..."

-or- : "All this talking makes me sleepy..."