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a dark, rough-skinned gargoyle.


Learned Gargish, not submitted :

The venerable gargoyle does not acknowledge your presence.

"To have nothing to say to you, False Prophet!"

Learned Gargish, submitted :

Subsequent visits :

"To greet you again, <Avatar Name>."

Initial visit :

"To greet you, <Avatar Name>, Avatar of the Underworld."

"To see the Amulet of Submission around your neck."

"To consider your acceptance of this both noble and wise."

If karma low :

"To observe by your aura that such honorable deeds are rare for you."

"To not be surprised, then, that you are fated to destroy a world."

If karma low :

"To observe by your aura that you are not a being of evil."

"To regret for your sake, then, that you are fated to destroy a world."

If karma high :

"To observe by your aura that you are truly a being of honor."

"To be surprised, then, that you are fated to destroy a world."

scho,valk :

"To have spoken to Scholar Valkadesh?"

"Then surely to know what harm you have caused my world!"

"To have no choice but to return the Codex!"

fate,dest,worl :

"To have wreaked great havoc in this land by your theft of the Codex!"

"To have no choice but to return it!"

choi,retu :

"To see only two alternatives: to return the Codex, or to give up your life."

sacr :

"Hss...Yes, to know of the three meanings of that word."

"To ask to which type of sacrifice you refer: self, others or items of value?"

self :

"To admire your willingness to sacrifice your life for the good of my people."

"But to doubt that that is the meaning of the prophecy."

othe :


"To suggest that you can atone for your misdeed by bathing in the blood of others?!"

If karma low :

"To find such thoughts well in keeping with the blackness of your aura!"

If karma high :

"To find such thoughts unworthy of your honorable aura!"

valu,item :

"To know of only one item of true value--the Codex itself."

"Surely not to destroy the Codex!?"

vort,ritu,retu :

"To direct you to go to the Hall of Knowledge, south of here."

"There to read the Book of Ritual."

"There also to get the Vortex Lens!"

"Then to return here, where I will tell you what must be done!"

both,peop :

"To be able to see the Vortex from both sides of the world!"

"To benefit both races equally if the Codex is returned there!"

name :

"To be called Naxatilor."

job :

"To be a seer, mystic advisor to my people."

"But to be unable to avert what is written in the Book of Prophecies."

lens,huma,seco :

"To be sure to show the human lensmaker the Vortex Lens."

"Also to be sure to tell the human lensmaker that his lens must be concave!"

"To be most important--concave!"

code :

"To know not where the Codex is."

"But to remember that Captain Bolesh just returned from the Codex!"

"To suggest you seek him. To try the healer's house to the north."

hall,know :

"To find the Vortex Lens in the Hall of Knowledge, south of here."

bye :

If sent to Hall of Knowledge :

"Farewell! To return when you have visited the Hall of Knowledge!"

If not sent to Hall of Knowledge :

"Farewell, <Avatar Name>. To return when there is more we can discuss."

other :

To have no time to discuss that."

lens :

If have broken lens :

"Yes, to see that the Vortex Lens is no longer whole."

"To go to the lensmaker, whose house is northeast of here."

"To get the lens repaired there!"

"Then to return here with the whole lens!"

If don't have lens :

"To require the Vortex Lens, foolish human!"

"To waste no more time!"

"To go to the Hall of Knowledge and get the lens!"

"To bring it to me personally, Avatar!"

If have fixed lens :

"Good, to see that you have the Vortex Lens."

"To have read the Book of Ritual as well?"

no-"Then to go to the Hall of Knowledge and do so!"

yes-"Good. To be unable to reverse the ritual myself."

"But to know that the Codex itself will say how to return it to the Vortex."

"To know also that you will need a second lens."

"To require a human-crafted lens, so that your people may also see the Codex."

"To be utterly without hope in the face of such ignorance."

"To refuse to converse with a daemon."

"Perhaps to have another alternative..."

"Yes! To return the Codex to the Vortex!"

"To then be available to both our peoples!"