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a nervous young bard.


"I would play for thee, but I'm worried about my lute."

name :

"I am Lady Nan."

job :

"Why, making music, of course."

musi :

"With my lute."

play,worr,lute,musi :

"Every time I pick up my lute, spiders crawl out of it."

"There must be hundreds of them nesting in there!"

spid,nest,craw,hund :

"I hate spiders! They're creepy, ugly, disgusting things! Why won't they leave me alone?"

If Iolo in party :

Iolo says to her, "Now, now, my dear. Have you forgotten about the gloves I gave you?"

"Oh, yes. Perhaps if I wore those I could play..."

glov :

"Iolo gave them to me for my birthday."

comp :

"Yes, I know of the Rune and Mantra of Compassion."

mant :

"The Mantra of Compassion is 'mu.' Is that a spider on your shoulder?"

"No, 'tis just a trick of the light."

rune :

"'Twas given to our most promising student, young Ariana."

aria :

"She's very talented. She'll go far, if the spiders don't get her..."

bye :

"Fare thee well, and watch thy step! The spiders are lurking everywhere."

other :

"I cannot help thee with that."