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a young human child.


Subsequent visits :

"Hi again!"

Initial visit :

"Wow! Two-eyed people like me! You gotta go see my folks!"

name :

I'm Myles."

"But Mama and Papa aren't good with names."

"They just call me 'tiny one!'"

mama,papa,folk :

"They're not my real parents."

"Mama and Papa found me on the beach."

"I guess my real parents drowned or something."

"That was long ago. I don't remember much about it."

"Mama and Papa said they used to have a son of their own, but he died."

"So they adopted me!"

adop :

"We all live in that big old castle!"

"It's a real neat place, with all sorts of rooms and cellars and stairs and stuff."

room,cell :

"A lot of places are locked. Papa keeps the keys."

job :

"Oh, I help Mama and Papa!"

"Though sometimes I think Papa wishes I were big and strong like a cyclops, so I could help more."

vort,cube,bloc,blac,big,ston,stuf :

"There's a whole lot of junk lying around the castle."

"Ask Mama or Papa about it."

"Papa doesn't let me play with much of it."

bye :

"See you later!"

other :