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a man nearly as wide as he is tall.


Subsequent visits :

"What now?" he sighs.

Initial visit :

"What?" he grumbles.

name :

"As the sign on my door reads, 'Mortude the Ropemaker.'"

mort :

"What?" He snorts a bit then clears his throat.

job :

He looks at you and raises one eyebrow. "I said I makes rope."

buy,make,rope :

"The strongest you'll ever tug!" he says, pushing out his chest.

At pub :

"Come to my shop when I'm open and I'll show you!"

Not at pub :

"Which of you?"

Character not selected :

"Too bad. You'll never find better rope."

Character selected :

<NPC Name> smiles at <Character Name>, "For my fine rope it will cost you 5 gold. Interested?"

no-"Too bad. You'll never find better rope."

yes, but full-"You look pretty full to me."

yes-"Fine, fine!" After accepting <Character Name>'s gold, <NPC Name> hands over the rope.

yes, no gold-"You don't have enough gold."

thin :

"He's a pretty good flippits, player."

flip :

"You have a bone on ya? We'll play."

bone :

"An old dog bone or somethin'?"

old,dog :

"The smaller, the better. And maybe a hat."

hat :

"A haaat," he repeats, mockingly. "Never played 'ave ya?"

no :

"Too bad."

bye :

"Yeah, yeah." He plods off, grumbling.

other :

"Oh, never mind..."

-or- :

He plays with his braided hair a moment then shrugs.