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a tough-looking woman with a walk like a troll.


She stares insolently at you.

name :

"I'm Morchella."

job :

"I be a retired sailor, that I am."

"Thou wert a pirate!"

"Well! How rude!" She turns up her nose and leaves.

"An honest one, mind ye."

pira :

"I know nothing about that!" She walks off in a huff.

hone,sail :

"That's right, me bucko. Why, I've sailed with Lord British and Captain John."

lord,brit :

"He walks with a limp, ye know. 'Fraid of mice, too, he is."

capt,john :

"He offered to marry me but of course I refused. Didn't want to be tied down."

map :

She looks around furtively first. "Well, now, I might have seen the likes of that in me travels..."

"Tell ye what, matey:"

"If ye give me a shield of the Order of the Serpent, I'll tell ye where that map be at."

cara,lad :

"I might even ask 'im to marry me." She winks slyly at you.

bye :

"So long, matey."

shie,serp,magi :

If didn't ask about map :

Don't know what to say 'bout that, matey."

If given shield :

"Now all I need is a magic sword; then methinks I'll be a knight."

If asked about map, but not given shield :

"If I had a Silver Serpent shield, I'd give it to Caradon."

"He's a fine, brave lad, he is."

If asked about map and have shield :

"That be quite a prize there, matey. Will ye trade it to me for a bit o' map?"

no-"Then leave me be!" She turns her back angrily on you and walks off.

yes-From a little box Morchella hands over a piece of paper. It is a piece of the pirate map.

"I was going to give this magic shield to Caradon, but methinks I'll keep it for meself instead!"

other :