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a coarse looking individual, digging in the dirt with his bare hands.


"Hello. If I be speaking with ye, I'd best not be digging at the same time."

If have corpse :

"Now, now. You can't be bringing bodies out here without no reservations."

"Go see me master Glen about having a funeral first."

Spoke to Glen first :

You tell him what Glen said.

"Wants 'is graves dug, does he? Well, you can tell old zombie-face I'd do a lot better if I had a shovel!"

First time speaking to Glen :

Mole listens, a bit impatiently.

"He gave me a shovel, all right - cheapest shovel I ever saw in all my years in the business!"

"Tell 'im it broke the third day I tried usin' it."

Second time speaking to Glen :

"I'd have been glad to get a new shovel! Believe me, I knows how to pick out a good one, too."

"But how'm I supposed to pay for it, you just ask him that!"

Third time speaking to Glen :

"Aye, maybe there'd 'ave been extra for shovel and such in my pay, if the old skinflint had ever remembered to pay me!"

Fourth time speaking to Glen :

"Old penny pincher says he's going to pay me?"

"I'll believe it when I have the coins in me hand."

name :

"I be Mole."

dig,fath :

"Digging's been in me family for generations."

grav :

"If you take away enough dirt, a grave's what's left."

"After they has a funeral, I puts all the dirt back again."

fune :

"Funerals aren't me trade. I know plenty about dirt, though."

dirt :

"I knows all the different kinds of dirt by heart."

diff,kind,hear :

"Learned 'em from me father."

trad,job :

I dig graves for me master, Glen."

give :

"What 'ave you got I could want? All I needs in me life is a good shovel."

shov :

"'Tis the tool of me trade."

tool :

"Me father said a good shovel is more important than a good @wife."

wife :

That's what you look for after you've got a good shovel."

mast,glen :

"I'll not speak with 'im, the way he treats me."

"But if you sees him, tell him I could dig these graves better if I had a shovel!"

If have shovel :

"He's a strange one... Nobody knows what he keeps in that back room of 'is."

bye :

Oh, going away, are ye? Let me know when ye return, so I'll know 'tis time to speak with ye again."

He returns to his digging.

other :

"I think ye'd best ask someone smarter than me."

If Avatar has shovel :

"Oh, ye've brought a shovel with ye! Is it for me?"

no-"Too bad. I really need one."

yes-"Thank ye very much! And 'tis not even my birthday!"

"Let me tell you this - keep an eye on old Glen."

"They say not all of the bodies end up where they're supposed to..."

"You know, 'e was supposed to have paid me for a new shovel, and then you wouldn't have 'ad to go to so much trouble."